Turquoise and Bear Claw Belt Buckle and Bolo Set

My mother recently passed away and I found this set among my dads things that she had kept over the years. My dad passed 20 years ago so I know she has had them for at least that long.
Back in the mid 80s we lived in Arizona and New Mexico as well if that helps at all.

The belt buckle and bolo are a matching style. The belt buckle and bolo have a lightning bolt hallmark. The bolo also has what appears to be a “13” on it. They both have stickers that say Genuine Turquoise and Coral.

Any help identifying these would be great. My dad was a big south west loving cowboy type with dozens belt buckles. So these could easily be something he bought at a truck stop as we drove thru the southwest as they are from a known artist. I’m pretty realistic about that. Just hoping you can shed any light on these items.


Who is the known artist? Look very much like a Nickle Silver knock off. I doubt very much that this is sterling silver. A jeweler or pawn shop could do the acid test for you. Looks to be manufactured rather than hand made. Sometimes the value of an item is the sentimental value. All my humble opinion and of Course I would defer to the pros.

hi, thanks for the reply. sorry, I meant it could be a manufactured item or an artist item. Bad wording on my part.
I assumed it was probably manufactured. No big deal.
Thanks again