Turquoise and Coral Belt Buckle Hallmark Assistance

Recent purchase that has me scratching my head. I have combed through my resources with no luck. Just trying to ID the silversmith. Pretty certain it is Navajo circa 1980’s. Thoughts?

Good luck on this one, I can’t even decide what the initials are.

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I see either a JP or TPB but couldn’t find anything to help you out.

I see PST but google images didnt turn up anything either.

HA! google image search results say your hallmark looks like a trigger LoL


Of late coral has become more prominent, especially in Asian market. The fact that this coral appears to be of good quality and untreated would lead me to believe from the 80’s

I see FJ or FSJ.
Have you had any luck finding it?

Nope never found the maker. Sold the buckle though. Very happy buyer!