Turquoise and heishi beads for necklaces

Hi, We inherited boxes full of all sorts of southwest beadery from the 60’s-70’s ranging from turq + coral in all shapes including fetishes and joclas (sp?), silver beads and heishi from fine to fat. My question is about the ethics of stringing it as it was obviously made for as I am not Native American. Should I stick with stringing it to look somehow non-southwestern? or just sell it unstrung?

Well, if you don’t want the items for yourself and are thinking about selling them, it would make sense to sell them as is and let a jewelry artist use them to make jewelry.

I truly appreciate your concern for usage of these materials, which reflects your good moral character. Of course you could create a “Southwestern Style” jewelry designated as not Native American made. Being Native American and retired, my wife and I rescue/restore original pieces to save the beautiful artistry of this jewelry, thereby honoring the original maker. Locating authentic American turquoise, sterling beads, heishi, findings, etc. Is our biggest obstacle. Should you choose to sell some naterials, PLEASE contact me at, akabear1946@gmail.com. Be well and travel safely.
Kindest regards,
Jimmy Bear

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Jimmy Bear,
Thanks for your response. I will certainly contact you, but in the future. We are taking a break from dealing with it all. Its not going anywhere so when the time feels right again, we will send pictures and such. I’ve got a lot of old heishi.
I see a lot of white folks cashing in on Native American images, styles, objects, you name it. It just doesn’t smell right.