Turquoise and Red Coral Necklace

I have a turquoise necklace with possibly red coral? I’m not sure if the necklace is native american but seeing as I recieved it from a relative from New Mexico, I might try to find out.

Where would I look for a signature if this necklace had one?

Hello. While your necklace is very pretty, I do not think it is Native American made. The bead caps, tube beads and hook designs look like Bali silver. The faceted red beads look like they could be dyed red coral…I know of a few jewelry supply companies that sell similar looking beads.
Cheers, Jenna


Thank you for sharing your necklace. It is hard to tell from the image to be sure, but it would be my guess that neither the turquoise or coral is real. We see this style of turquoise bead very often and they are a dyed material. The findings are machine made and suggests you are not going to find an artist mark. If you have a bead store in your town I would take this there and I imagine they will know exactly what you have.