Turquoise at Gem and Mineral show 3/17

We went to our local bi- annual gem and mineral show today, and saw lots of turquoise!

These are the pieces I bought today.
Clockwise from top:
Ithaca Peak, Ithaca Peak, two matched Kingman, Sonoran Gold, and Kingman waterweb


Cool! You can make some beautiful rings with those. I’ve never been to one of those shows, looks like fun.

Turquoise is so crazy. At first glance the Bisbee in the photo kind of looks like some of the Blue Diamond pics we’ve posted on here. And I have an Ithaca Peak ring that doesn’t look anything like your Ithaca Peak stones.

I like the Sonoran Gold with the blue and green. I’ve got a pendant with some.

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And you would think that $1.75/carat is reasonable.
Until they weigh it! Then you kinda groan inwardly.
The stones are heavier than they look!
And you are paying for the backing material, too.
The backing is JB Weld, and it has metal powder in it, so it definitely adds to the weight.

But handling the stones and choosing the one you like is really fun, and educational.

And that Ithaca Peak was $4.50/ct. I must’ve gone temporarily insane.

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Thanks for sharing, where do you live?

Oh! I am remiss!
I live in Albuquerque! Just down the road from you…
This show runs 3/17 through 3/19 at Expo New Mexico.