Turquoise bracelet maker TD

This bracelet is inscribed, very lightly, TD 8/6 5. The inscription is so faint that it barely shows when photographed. Could TD be the Navajo artisan and if so, who?


this might help with ID.

source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/702823586/navajo-sterling-turquoise-coral-cuff?show_sold_out_detail=1&ref=nla_listing_details

“The piece is signed with the initials ‘D.T.N.’, though it is unknown if these are for the maker or the former owner of the piece.”

design elements are very similar and the D.T.N. part will need an assist from “the hallmark book” holders


Your bracelet looks much sturdier in it’s build than the one shown on Etsy. I can’t find a D.T.N. Hallmark, although I didn’t go crazy looking for it. The seller may be correct in the summation that it is the previous owners name.
I can’t clearly make out the marking on your piece, nor can I enlarge it. It looks to me like an old pawn/traders code. These codes usually told the seller what was paid for the item in a series of letters and numbers. Each letter or number would represent the price paid, and sometimes how long ago it was purchased. This way the seller knew how much wiggle room they had on the piece. Each shop had their own codes. It is still a system used today as far as I know, except most place now use tags. The cab is most likely Royston, although there are other mines it could be.

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I agree that the marks are likely old trader’s code. Thought it was an unusual design with the squash blossom. And, yes, it is a nice heavy bracelet.