Turquoise bracelet

I also found this vintage type bracelet when looking through my other jewelry passed on to me. It’s missing some turquoise stones and needs some repair. There is no Hallmark on this piece, but i love my turquoise pieces regardless and it is still a beautiful piece. I thought I should get it repaired since it is silver but wonder if it is Navajo like my necklace or a replica since it has no Hallmark? Sorry my camera is not great.

The photos are rather blurry, but this looks like something I may have seen before. Can you turn over the bracelet and take a picture of the back?

I think this may be costume jewelry, a replica of a Native American squash blossom necklace, and not Native-American-made. I haven’t seen many Native American link bracelets that include a naja and blossoms.

Tell me if these earrings look like a match for the blossom pendants on your bracelet.


Sancrest was one costume jewelry maker that turned out pieces that looked rather like this.

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Yes, this appears to be a costume piece. I have even seen pieces identical to this one on eBay, and only the Naja and squash flower beads are silver, while the rest of stringed beads are either nickel silver or base metal.

Bigbree43. Yes that looks almost exactly like it. I thought as much when I couldn’t find a Hallmark and my Navajo pendant does, although still trying to make out whose Hallmark it is on that one. I love my turquoise jewelry. Thank you! I still would like to get it fixed, it’s such a neat piece.

Saef.Yes, I’m sorry my camera doesn’t want to cooperate. Thanks for the link, and input for both of my posts. You have been so helpful. I appreciate it.