Turquoise Cabochon

In the mid 1980’s I made this cabochon. Cannot remember for sure what type of Turquoise it is.
At the time I was going to some private mines and looking through the tailing piles.
This was in NE AZ.

Any thoughts on possible type of Turquoise? Thanks.



Northeast Arizona is the Navajo Reservation. I can’t think of ever hearing stories about turquoise there. The other side of Arizona is known for turquoise, maybe this google search will help.


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I lived on the Navajo Reservation for a few years. Tribal Elders took me to several Turquoise locations. Just cannot remember how far we traveled.

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I don’t know, but that is a beautiful stone. Love the cloud of brown. Actually looks more like jade.

I think we sometimes get wrapped up with semantics, as my guess is 100 years ago we certainly didn’t differentiate between variscite and turquoise. I am sure native Americans and other indigenous tribes of long ago cared even less as long as it was blue or green and hard.

The reason I bring this up in this way is perhaps the elders called in “turquoise” but it may be more of a variscite?

This also looks very similar to wintergreen turquoise, but I believe that mine is in Nevada.

Either way, call it what you will, I would happily add this to my collection :grinning: