Turquoise Cabochons Kingman, Bisbee

A long time Turquoise collector and lapidary artist is selling many items.

Kingman 8.78 grams total or 44 carats.

Bisbee 55 and 27 carats. 82 carats total.

I am paying $1.00 per carat, as I love them.
It seems like a reasonable price to me.

The seller forgot about the Bisbee in the tray. He said it was worth between $3.00 and $5.00 per carat, but would honor the $1.00 price.

Honestly, I did not know they were Bisbee. I just liked them. Plan on pairing one with some Boulder Opal my niece in Australia sent me. The opal matrix is about the same as the turquoise.

Does anyone know the going price per carat of Bisbee similar to this?
I will try to get better photos when my package arrives.


The package arrived today. All are beautiful. I forgot to put a size reference in the photo.
The largest Bisbee is almost the size of a 50 cent piece. 27.5 carats.

One of the Kingman cabs has the greenish yellow markings that are being discussed here.

I was sent a bonus, too. Isn’t he cute?


Beautiful! And I was thinking the same thing about the yellow in the Kingman…

Cute little guy!