Turquoise Claw Necklace

I am curious about this necklace. It weighs about 205 grams . The turquoise claws range in size from about 2 1/4” to 2 1/2”. I’m trying to get an idea of age and value. The beads appear to be bench beads and the heishi is pretty uniform in size so that may be machine cut. It is strung on wire. I think the turquoise is real. Who can tell me more? Thanks so much for your help.



It is an interesting piece. The turquoise looks real. Does appear to have some age. I don’t get a feel for what this would go for, but being turquoise and unique turquoise bear claws I think of the material around $300.


Thanks. Maybe one day I’ll see something similar. The person I got it from said that it had been her grandmother’s and that she was born in 1932. I don’t think it’s older than 70’s.

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