Turquoise cuff & ring with unknown hallmark

For a while i’ve been searching my area for a NA bracelet with chunky bright turquoise stones. And recently i was lucky enough to find one, as part of a set together with a ring. I initially tried to purchase the cuff only, but got a nice enough deal to include the ring as well. Turns out i’m pretty happy with both, i really like the bracelet and find the ring very nice in real life as well.

I purchased them from a gentleman who wrote that he bought them from an Native Indian man in the USA in the 70s. He said he wore the items 2 or 3 times at the time before they ended up in a drawer. I love the patina on the silver and i’m glad that the seller didn’t clean the items, since he said he had considered doing so before shipping them.

I think that the bracelet is made by Navajo artist couple Damon and Marie Thompson and that the stones are Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

The ring i could not find any info on though. It does look authentic to me and it’s marked HR Sterling, but i could not find any match for those initials. If anybody recognizes the hallmark and/or style then i’d love to hear it.

p.s. i don’t wear them on the same hand because i think it’s a bit ‘much’, but thought it would make a nice photo


I think MT is Melvin Thompson. Not sure about the relationship to Damon and Marie. Here’s a similar bracelet…


Thanks for your reply @TAH , i find it very fascinating. The stamps and bracelets look so much alike that i’m not entirely sure anymore. The only detail that makes me lean towards the cuff being made by Damon and Marie is the rotated “T” in the hallmark, which www.art-amerindien.com attributes to Marie Thompson. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they are family.