Turquoise Fever TV Show

I don’t know if anyone caught it, but there is a new show that started tonight called “Turquoise Fever”.

A little melodramatic, but fairly interesting to watch.


A friend told me about it several weeks ago. I thought it was pretty interesting but yes a little melodramatic. See you in the cabs was awesome though

For anyone who does not have the channel, here is a link to the full first episode:


Thanks for posting this. It’s a little bit like a caricature of ridiculous reality TV tropes, but it was still really fun for me to see the actual mining process and what goes on behind the scenes. It’s hilarious the way they made out like that one jeweler was their only shot at selling the turquoise–as if there’s no other market for this stuff if he doesn’t buy it. A couple observations/questions. First of all, how are they able to just pick a rock up off the ground (which often was mostly host rock and had veins of turquoise in it) and immediately know the quality of the stone within it? They made comments about good matrix–I would think you would need to cut it to really know what the matrix is like. And how does licking the stone help? Also, it looked like the family was cutting and polishing some of the stones themselves and leaving others as rough. I wonder if that jeweler does any of his own lapidary work. I also didn’t realize that white buffalo was so coveted. I kind of thought it was one of these things people are trying to pass off as a turquoise substitute these days, like boulder turquoise, since the good stuff is becoming so scarce.


Yes, Thanks for posting, I watched it last night. The plot seems identical to “Yukon Gold” I think it’s even the same announcer. They just replaced gold with turquoise. :wink: