Turquoise Gun Belt Buckle

I have had this belt buckle for years now. It was my late husbands. He had it specially made to fit his tiny NAA 22 revolver. I remember him saying that he had it made in either Arizona or New Mexico. This would have been back in the 1980’s. The stamped hallmark is either a feather or leaf. Stamped inside and on the back. I am wondering if anyone knew the artist and an approx value? Thank you

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I found this one, it has a name on it. The name is etched in and reads Justin Morris, Navajo. Not the same maker as yours, but just thought I would share.

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Do you own the buckle with the gun? If so are you interested in selling it? It is a beautiful piece and I have been looking for something similar.

We do own the gun, but it is not for sale. We could probably have one made for you. Do you have a gun you want to use?

Yes I have the same gun. Its a NAA 22 mag with a 1 1/8" barrel. I am interested in getting, buying one.

I just want the holster. You said you could get me one? 573 552 7174 Call me. They won’t let me post but 3 times because i"m new.
Can you send me a pic of the buckle? konacove@aol.com I have no problem with the price if its what I want.

It is a big buckle, if we had it made like this it would be around $900.