Turquoise? Help identifying and is this unusual?

Purchased this cuff online. I’m new to this and not a turquoise expert. Is it unusual to see backing of this sort. Looks like sand? Cork? Cardboard? I added a zoomed image. Also any Help identifying turquoise appreciated! Seller nor myself can identify. IMG_20200603_140517592|375x500


Awesome bracelet! Is that all pyrite in there?

I’m not seeing any backing that you’re talking about, sorry. Lovely bracelet! I do hear that it’s not uncommon for artists to use sand or something else soft to cushion and heighten a stone in a setting, although it shouldn’t show on the piece.

I’m not sure. It does not have a shimmer like I believe pyrite would. Just very dark matrix if it is real turquoise. The dark matrix is what attracted me but I’m not sure if it is authentic. Did not melt with hot pin. Did not run off with acetone. Just stumped. But thanks, it is lovely.

I was thinking perhaps whatever it is, it may have got damp and expanded. I added a zoomed in photo of the brownish material between the turquoise and silver :slight_smile:

I think what you are seeing is sawdust. That is the traditional material used in Native jewelry construction as it cushions the stone and allows it to be adjusted in the bezel. You may want to send it to a skilled repair person or company such as Perry Null Trading. Seeing the sawdust might indicate the stone is loose.

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Thank you for the response. It’s very hard and nothing wobbles or seems loose. Being in CA it’s hard to access experts in repair locally. Thank you for the advice.

epoxy, devcon or similar backing product that adheres well to the host and adds strength/height to the cab.

sawdust or other loose shim material would be under the epoxy layer for final adjustment before bezel is closed.

backing should not show that much and having it checked and /or reset now could save you from a bigger expense if the cab falls out and is lost forever.

fully agree with this advice!