Turquoise Help

I keep going back to this piece. I find similarities in both American and Chinese turquoise. Any help on the turquoise would be great. Thanks for your help.


The calibrated cut of the stones would suggest that these are Chinese turquoise imo

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Thanks @Bigbree43. I thought that might be the case. That is a good tip on the calibrated cabs. I appreciate it!


Looks like fairly typical Chinese turquoise. In terms of the quality of the lapidary work, which is very good, you can thank Mike Carter, an American lapidarist and really amazing cutter, who went over there in the early 80s and taught this style of cutting, which is originally from the US southwest to the Chinese. I’ll wager if you were to take one of those stones out of the setting, you’d find it was backed in the same manner that American cutters use.


Very interesting info. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.