Turquoise, Howlite or both?

I think this might be dyed howlite. They are much lighter than my photos, sorry about that. What’s throwing me off is some of it is turning green. Big ones in front are lighter. The matrix is “added”, so that’s a clue right there probably not turquoise, but it’s not something one can really tell sometimes until you get it in your hand. Then it’s too late. I’m into it for close to $50 bucks and it’s nice looking, so I don’t want to break open a stone. I’ve bought several items from this seller, some really good. Hit and miss with him. They don’t take returns and I don’t want to be blocked for insisting on a refund. They were calling it turquoise. What do you guys think - howlite? Turquoise? Do artists ever mix stones? Does howlite turn color?

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Haha, tried to look up some of the properties of howlite and got this…maybe I wear it and I get my memory back. :wink:

Healing with Howlite

Howlite strengthens memory and stimulates desire for knowledge. It teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage, pain and stress . A calming stone, Howlite calms communication, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression. Howlite balances calcium levels in the body.


Beautiful healing properties! Love the sweet Howlite stepping into big turquoise shoes. Wear it happily it’s pretty :raised_hands:t3::blush:

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Sometimes it can be really difficult to tell. The techniques are always improving and the idea is so you can’t tell, pay a turquoise price for something that is relatively cheap. It use to be set stones with block, a clear blue plastic, then matrix was added and the improvements go on. I imagine the stones could be dyed blues and greens. I look at these pictures and don’t see a dead giveaway.

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having the actual piece in your hand only you can see things more closely with a jewelers loop. easy key places to check are both sides of the drilled hole on each nugget.

some more tests and things to look for are explained on this page:


the matrix host on the larger stones might have been “enhanced” so that the black was more uniform in appearance giving the stones natural color more of an offset.

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Thanks Jason! Thanks Steve, I’ll check it out! I’m at the point I might take it apart and use the heishe for an inlaid seashell I have laying around not being worn, and I’ve got it back up on ebay as howlite, so of course no one wants it, lol. To be continued…

Welp. Black comes off with acetone but blue and green do not. Looks like they were filling pits with dark stuff. The pits are light. It didn’t look white in the holes, but there is lightness


The last 4 pictures do look like turquoise. Here is some info on “dying the matrix”.


Cool, markyboy57! Thanks for this! Those are reflections not white spots in the photos BTW for anyone wondering. I was also back to turquoise again. I now think they totally filled and dyed the matrix just like the article talks about.

They look like turquoise to me, especially the closeups. Some of the matrices in those shots looks odd…different shines and lack of it on the same stones. That green one has several different colors; the black and white spots mixed on the bottom of the stone almost look like some paint got dabbled over the white.

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Hello! I want to know if this is real turquoise