Turquoise ID thoughts?

I picked up this gorgeous bracelet on a local online auction of all places for a really sweet price. I’m wondering what type of turquoise it might be? It looks similar to a piece I have with known Pilot Mountain. But it also looks similar to Sonoran Gold I’ve seen in new jewelry at a local shop. I don’t think this piece is new…the construction is pretty sturdy. I welcome your thoughts! Thanks in advance.


My first guess would be Royston but it does look like the picture of Pilot Mountain in Dan Lowry’s “Turquoise Unearthed” and it also looks like Blue Gem in the same book. There can be so much variation in many of the mines. It sure is pretty!

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My first thought was Royston too. But always remember turquoise guesses are just that unless you have clear provenance.


Love your cuff. I have turquoise similar to this and was told it was Blue Gem.

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