Turquoise ID?

First is a cuff by Wilson and Carolyn Begay. The turquoise is very blue green with a chunky dark brown matrix.

Second is a brooch by Sam Lovato
Third is a brooch no marks
Fourth is a necklace with very saturated blue turquoise with tiny sparse flecks of pyrite and quartz


i am thinking the necklace with the pyrite and quartz might be Morenci. You got some nice pieces there!!

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A seller would bring these bracelets already cut for the artists, haven’t seen them done like this in some time. They always seemed to be Kingman or Chinese. Your second ring looks like some Danny Boy Turquoise I have seen before. The deep green I imagine is Turquoise Mountain (another Kingman stone). Not sure on the necklace could be a couple different things. Nice pieces.

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Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time

Thank you for the info! Very interesting about the precut turquoise. I had a hard time getting the color right on the Sam Lovato brooch - it has more green than the photos show. The distribution and color of the matrix on that piece makes it one of my favorites. Would the lapidary work on the precut pieces be done by Native Americans or sourced elsewhere?

Those are some really nice sets Jason !