Turquoise neckless

I have a neckless that I got from Miss. France’s (Ding dong school in 1950’s). She gave this turquoise neckless & id like more info on it. Is there away for me to send a photo of it & its trademark to you

When you replay you can use the upload icon, the one with the arrow up. Look forward to seeing the picture.

Hi here are some photos. The one is the trademark one side is bear claw other side turquoise stone.

Thank you can’t wait to hear back

Did u receive the photos?

Hi I’m wondering if u have had a chance to look at the photos I sent & anything you can tell me about it. Thank you for your time

It looks like both pendants are made by the same artist. The turquoise piece, might be a chryscholla or variscite. I do not recognize that hallmark. Where is the hallmark located? Also, it is difficult to make out the picture, does the hallmark appear to be a flute player?

It’s all the same piece turquoise on one side beer claw w/ lighting bolt maybe. The trademark is on the chain.