Turquoise? Or Chrysocolla?

Just trying to figure out what stone is in this ring!

What a nice cut, great dome. I would call this turquoise, but don’t have a clue from where. The ring looks like it has some age.

I don’t know if this helps, but I’ve been looking at all these different sites trying to find a stones that look like the ones in my Peterson Johnson ring (with no luck, I might add) & I stumbled upon these pics of polished Bloodstones that reminded me of your ring:


which led me to this site, as well:

2nd link has good descriptions, but unfortunately it lacks photos.
It took me to Green Jasper (google)… & totally unrelated, but real pretty, Owyhee Jasper (omg, this stuff blew me away!).

& finally… I think Chrysocolla is bluer? Isn’t it?
I’m probably way off… won’t be the 1st time!

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Bloodstone is actually one of my favorite stones! This ring is actually much bluer than shown in this picture though (due to indoor lighting). I’ll try and post a pic in natural light.

Here are some outdoor photos:

And a pic of the back just in case: