Turquoise Real or Fake?

I sacrificed one piece,I hope i didnt sacrifice my money too.

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Stabilized turquoise. It was a nice rectangle cut.


how to identify?
how to know if is stabilized?

The color and from the image that center just doesn’t look natural like the stabilization has gone through the rock. If you have someone who cuts turquoise they can tell by the smell usually. Not sure where you are but that might be a possibility?

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thank for your answer
I m in Japan so not easy to find a turquoise master.
so I hope is not magnesite or dyed Howlite,still ok with stabilized,Gods are half happy with my sacrifice:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Jason, is there a difinitive book of some sort
by which I could better tell the difference between stabilized and natural and any other kind of stone which looks like turquoise?
I’m ready to sacrifice one of a string of pretty stones that look like green turquoise and some pumpkin or melon shaped beads that are very pretty but I’d rather not break any apart!

Not something a book is going to help with. It can be really difficult and you just have to see it over and over.

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