Turquoise Ring ID: "JNY"?

Hi. I’m trying to hunt down any info about this ring I purchased a few years back from Etsy. I purchased it for a little over USD$60, dated roughly 1960s and “Native American”. Is it turquoise? Is it actually Native American and what kind of style is it? Can anyone ID JNY? I know pretty much nothing since I’m all the way in Australia.

I’ve got some pictures that the listing had (the seller took), but I took the photo of the back with the markings.



I couldn’t find the name associated with this hallmark. Your ring is Navajo made with a piece of Kingman Turquoise. It looks very nice, I wouldn’t date it as old as the 1960s. I would call it more the 1980s - 90s. The price you paid is right.

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