Turquoise Ring Stamped KC

I inherited some jewelry and I have found a couple of turquoise items. This ring is not marked sterling, but the “feel” is right and the workmanship looks good, but not machined. A google search did not find the artist, but I did find you guys! Any help would be appreciated.


This was the only KC I could find, different look. Initial hallmarks can be very difficult to identify. Kathleen Chiquito Navajo Artisan Green Turquoise Vintage - Etsy

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Hey Jeff, Nice ring. Looks like silver to me but if you want to test it without using an acid test here are some things you can do at home. Nickel is another metal often used in the making of this kind of jewelry. Nickle doesn’t have any taste. Sterling silver and lesser grades of silver are mixed with copper and have a copper taste when you put it in your mouth for a minute. Here is another simple test. Silver is a super conductor of heat. More so than most metals. Hold the ring in your hand and touch it to an ice cube. You will instantly feel the cold in your fingers and the ring will begin cutting into the ice like a light-saber ! Have fun with this, Kyle


Gotta love that “tasty” silver jewelry!! :wink:


Awesome, thank you so much!!!

Good trick!! Thank you!