Turquoise Sleuth Wanted!

Turquoise sleuths needed! Im new to this website and hoping someone(s) can help identify stones that came from a recent estate lot I purchased. I have many more rough and some tumbled stones that have some similar traits. Please let me know if you have and thoughts or suggestions on where to find good information. I have almost known other than “these are believed to come from Arizona, New Mexico, or Nevada.” :roll_eyes:

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Hard to say and not an expert but gonna go out on a limb and say 9 is dry creek based on color alone.

You have a mix, it will be difficult to identify the exact mine. It is an interesting collection. Looks like you have at least two different styles of cutting, meaning not all from the same source.

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Yeah, From what I’ve come to learn about turquoise is that: 1 identifying the exact mine is nearly impossible without paperwork or direct contact and 2. Different mines are capable of producing turquoise with similar traits. That being said, any information or suggestions are welcome. I have a very limited knowledge and enjoy learning about these things.

Interesting. I’ve never heard of that mine but there is a resemblance in the tone.