Turquoise Squash Blossom NAVAJO Necklace. Need help with age, and mark engravings

Hello, new to this forum, but looks like I am at the right place! I have a few questions that I hope can be answered by you intelligent folks. Thank you for your time.

1.) There is an engraving mark on the back of the Naja (crescent). It looks like it says ‘LEVINE’ and under that, ‘100 112 6061’. What do these mean?
2.) The date/era of when this beautiful necklace was created
I cannot find a single squash blossom necklace that has 3- turquoise stones in each blossom… so my question/concern is…
3.) Why can I not find any other necklaces with the 3 stone blossoms?

If there is any other information that may be worth mentioning, be my guest. Thank you in advance for your time. J. Buchheit

Nice piece you have! You should google “Squash Blossom Necklace” and switch to the images tab. Thousands of photos! There are many with multiple stones. I don’t see that yours is much different with three.

Markings can be many things for many reasons. I did a quick search on Levine and came up empty for Native Americans. My guess is that name is either a previous owner or the name of an auction house. Numbers could be a pricing structure code, an inventory code, or even an insurance number.

Part of the mystery of Old Pawn is not knowing who made it. It is very possible that one of the pros on this forum could help you. It is a stunning piece and I would lean towards the late 70’s for an age. Just a guess mind you.

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Something that should also be considered is that “Levine” is the last name of the owner, and that number, well, it looks awfully similar to a social security number, don’t ya think? There was a period of time where jewelry owners were encouraged to do this to prevent jewelry from being sold off if ever stolen.

I’m also in agreeance that this squash is circa 1980’s. You can tell by the style of beads used. The lack of a seam around the equator of the bead indicates post 1975. The stones have aged beautifully though!

Can you identify what kind of turquoise is used for this necklace?

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My guess would be Kingman, just because of the matrix. I’m no good at ID’ing turquoise though, maybe someone else has a more accurate opinion on the stone.