Turquoise theft

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I saw this today in my Instagram feed, thought I would pass along


That is horrible! I hate a thief. :rage::rage::rage:


Awful!! So sad. :pray: for them. A couple weeks ago I saw an older article about Abraham Begay having a lot of his jewelry stolen. I have one of his rings which I had just started wearing as my wedding band (my plain silver band was too small so why not wear what I really like), so I was particularly interested. Seriously, what is wrong with people!!!

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The ATADA has a theft alert page for finished products, jewelry and otherwise. They get the word out free of charge on the website and in email. Maybe they’d also list raw materials relevant in the Native American jewelry world. They note the importance of having good photos, crucial in a recovery effort.



Do they have any pics of their Turquoise. I am on ebay, Mercari and sometimes Etsy just looking for Turquoise. If i know what i am looking for that would help. They have to get rid of it somehow and you never know where.