Turquoise VS Look A Likes

Looking for pointers on identifying rough Turquoise in matrix of another rock.
There are many look a likes out there, Chrysocolla, Veriscite, etc. Then there is the dyed Magnesite and Howilite. I can handle the last two, it is the first two that pose a problem.

Raw Chrysocolla is the biggest problem I am dealing with. Some are calling it Gem Silca when high quality. Often it is priced much higher than vintage Turquoise.

I am adding some items I recently purchased that were in two, 5 gallon pails.
The labeling was done by a lapidary/rock ID expert and I was able to confirm the stated Id’s on all of his other bags. He collected rocks from the 1970’s through when he passed away in 1998.

Not labeled. Looks like a mix of Chrysocolla and Turqupise.

Labeled Chrysocolla.

Labeled Veriscite.

They all look very similar and have a similar hardness. All were probably collected in the SW USA or purchased at Quartzite, AZ.

Thank you

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I think it comes down to seeing it enough times, that is why we have so much confusion. These stones are so similar that you see them called the other often.

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I found that one of the best ways to help me identify specific minerals & turquoise is to buy a few pieces of rough & a few cabochons. Holding them in your hand and being able to see them (not set into a piece of jewelry) really helped give me a new perspective on identifying. I bought this piece of Broken Arrow Variscite and Number 8 turquoise to study and play with. No way I could afford the Number 8 if it was in a sterling piece of jewelry!!

As far as Chrysocolla is concerned, a bright red matrix with lots of blues and greens are usually my indicator that a stone is chrysocolla. Gem-like translucence is also indicative of Gem chrysocolla or Variscite. Turquoise will never be translucent.