Turtle pin/pendant

Hi, recently got this sterling and 14k turtle pin/pendant and would like to know more. It has a hallmark in a recessed rectangle that looks like possibly three horseshoes turned different directions…or maybe c’s or badly stamped o’s.
My turquoise collecting is a learning experience. I buy pieces that I really like and then try to learn more about them. I have checked the books I have and then looked online. Did see a Santo Domingo artist that does work in this style but wrong hallmark. Any info will be appreciated.

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That is really nice. You might be on to something with Santo Domingo. The corn and what appears to be a piece of pottery are associated with Pueblo traditions. Maybe it is an old hallmark because it has the JDC, top to bottom, and it looks similar to the pieces I see online by Joseph Coriz. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the information. It is great to be able to find out some background. The fact that I work at a vegetable stand where we grow and sell produce (and other things) makes the symbology of the pendant even more special. You have a great forum here.