Two of my pieces

Hello Turquoise Friends!

I am new to the forum and thought I would share two of our pieces. The first is a cuff that was originally a watch that my father had made in Santa Fe in the 70s. I’ve done some research but cannot find any reference to the hallmark “JP”. I had a trusted jeweler in Santa Fe remove to watch and add an additional shadow box with a piece of stabilized kingman turquoise. I do not know what the side pieces are… perhaps Tyrone? There is some pyrite so maybe kingman? Any help with the hallmark or the origin of the two side stones would be much appreciated!

The second piece is a ring that I wear daily. There is no signature and I suspect the stones are Bisbee given the chocolate nature of the matrix :sunglasses: Appreciate your thoughts here as well!



Welcome! I love what you did with the cuff. The stones on the side look a lot like some Kingman I have, but who knows. I see what you are saying with the possibility of the ring being Bisbee, but it’s so uncommon, I don’t know. But they are both lovely.

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I couldn’t find anything about the initials, but I don’t have a lot of resources on hallmarks.

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Thank you for checking !

Hougart lists Juan Pedro Garcia, Johnny Pablo, Jackson Pino, Jeanette Platero, Jonathan Platero, John Platers as having a JP hallmark for a little research. I would call that watch bracelet side stones Morenci and the ring definitely has a Bisbee look but could be something else.

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Thank you so much @Jason . I need to get Hougart’s book.

I thought the cuff may be morenci but the blue looked a bit too bright (I bought my wife a morenci turquoise ring that was darker).

Since the ring is unmarked - what do you suppose that indicates?

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It is not uncommon for this time period to not have a hallmark. Many times this heavy casted ring shank is made by someone different than who finished it with set stones.