Two Sandcast Cuffs by Harrison Bitsui

Got these two bracelets from my old friend. Both are supposed to be Harrison Bitsui but they have different hallmarks. One is definitely his but the other was questioned on a site I was checking them out on. Also, I found very similar cuffs to the one with the questionable hallmark and when I clicked on the pictures I ended up on foreign sites that Seemed to be Asian.
The bigger cuff with the blue stone weighs 63g and is 2 1/4” tall. The stone is approximately 3/4” round.
The green cuff weighs 42g and is about 1 3/8” tall. That stone is approximately 5/8” by 1/2”
Therefore my questions are if they are both his work; what type of turquoise in each; and finally a value of each. Thanks again for the help!

I am familiar with the hallmark on the wider cuff, but I imagine both of these are his. A piece of green Kingman and Turquoise Mountain are what the stones appear to be. Harrison use to make jewelry full-time. However, he seems to work with the local school system and isn’t making much jewelry anymore. This is going to be similar to Wilson and Carole Begay prices, narrow around $180 and the wider $240. Hope that helps.

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Yes it does, thank you. Trying to keep my jewelry book up to date for my children.