Two Very Unique Symbols, please help! :)

Can someone help with these 2 pieces of jewelry I’ve found? I’ve been searching everywhere.

Can’t tell for sure if they are even Native American. The top one could be Begaye as the hallmark and the 925 indicates the purity of the silver. The bottom one I’m sure is not native as 999 FS (fine silver) purity is not something that is used in native jewelry. Perhaps pictures of the whole ring would help.

Thank You, That helps a lot.

I also added another ring that I’m pretty sure is native American because of the arrow hallmark, but I haven’t seen who it would belong to.

Well the first ring is definitely by a Begaye with the e on the end which is the less common spelling. Not sure if it is an early Ben Begaye logo or another artist. The second one I’m not sure of. A lot of artists have used an arrow but they usually accompany it with initials. I think the S in his case stands for sterling not the artist. I have no idea what the cabs are in either case and neither one has particularly “Indian” style or decoration to them. They are nice looking rings and the cabs are intriguing. Perhaps someone else might know?

Thank you again for your help. I’ve tried to do additional research on early Bagaye hallmarks, and still haven’t seen anything similar to the hallmark identified above. I have since cleaned this ring and have taken a clearer picture of this mark. It almost looks as if there is a heart attached to the beginning letter B, some type of 3 leaf clover symbol? followed by a lower case n. I’m not sure if it changes anything, but just want to be sure before I claim it as a Begaye piece.

Oh, Also, I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I just realized that this ring is adjustable in size