Type of turquoise beads

Can anyone tell me what kind of turquoise are these beads plz! I’m still learning! Thanks!

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Those remind me of some Chinese Hubei beads I have. But I’m pretty much a newbie at this! I’m sure the experts will be able to weigh in.

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@Steph The second strand also reminds me a little bit of some Hubei!

I’m not good at ID’ing mines. However, the first strand does share some characteristics with Manassa, imo. A photo in natural light would really help here. I think the indoor light makes them appear more green than they actually are.

It’s been raining for two days! I can try! I usually take pics in sunlight, makes the stone look better! :blush:

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They are more of green, I was wondering if they were Carico lake?

These are some older ones, I bought from same person! I was told her grandfather ran a trading post out west! I just bought some string to start restringing these!

The beads in your hands in the first post, can you show the necklace by itself? It is not the beads to the first necklace, or the others added later? Santo Domingo artist will use stones that are easy to find and are going to match, most of the time this is Kingman Turquoise.

Here are beads in first picture ! Thanks Jason!

Different cut, https://indianjewelrysupplies.com/natural-kingman-sky-blue-turquoise-rondelle-beads-5mm-5099/ I would call them Kingman.

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:blush: YAY, I’m glad! TY When I purchased them I was told there were from Arizona, however you never know! I thought they were hand made due to the different sizes of the beads! BTW, I have some beads to post tomorrow that are supposed to be very old! I’ll post them tomorrow if we ha e sunlight! THANKS AGAIN!

So I suppose these aren’t old, I have a lot to learn!