Type of Turquoise Stone?

I have this large oval Chimney Butte Nuguematz signed
Turquoise Stone pendant. Would anyone know what type of turquoise this stone could be. Royston? Almost as green as Sonoron Gold …but with brown matrix. If anyone could point me in a good direction it would be most appreciated. Thaank you!!

IMG_6909 (1)
IMG_6908 (1)


I’ve seen Sonoran Gold turquoise with brown matrix, but this doesn’t really look right. It almost looks lime green in your pic. Most of what I’ve seen of SG seems to have more matrix in general. So guess I don’t have a guess!

Thank you for taking a look though. And yes it is a brighter turquoise than what I can locate on the internet and the picture maybe makes it look bit brighter but it looks pretty much like this …

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I’m thinking gaspeite.



Yes it could be!! Thank you!

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I have some Gaspeite and thats the first thing i thought too.

Thank you for taking a look at the piece. I tend to agree with you !!