Uncertain hallmark

Got this in a few days ago. The hallmark is faint and it looks like someone scratched it up trying to obliterate it or read it better. I think it says M Silversmith. Is this Montana Silversmiths as I am unable to locate a hallmark.


So this interests me because I have a ring with the hallmark M SILVER, but no SMITH. However the letters look so much the same I wonder if they could be same person (my ring has no room for the word SMITH). In the past I have looked up M SILVER and found this…

I got my ring as pawn at the Eiteljorg when in years past they would bring in boxes of pawn from Gallup to sell during the annual Indian Art Market.

Since the pawn ticket is from Tobe Turpen’s, (which now is Perry Null) maybe Jason will have some insight.


Interesting! Forgot to include a front view but the bezel shapes on both are different from what we usually see.

Eh. So maybe I did include a front view the first time……

It’s really pretty! The stone is kind of smokey/swirly.

FWIW, here are some earrings with the same hallmark - Link

Perfect! Thank you very much.

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