Uncle Sam W?

Is this signature a Native American silversmith?

I have found others with same hallmark. All of them are nice and handmade, but no one has a name. The style is Navajo. It could be a non-Native who just loved making this style and lived in the Four Corners area to have a market, shop name? These images look like they are off an e-commerce website, do they have any information?

I found this hallmark listed in a few places online. All of them were Ranger buckle sets. It is being attributed to Navajo where I saw them. No added information about the artist was given in any of them. Nice set!

Hi Jason & Christibo, thank you for the info! The images are mine. I sell on ebay & etsy. Just making sure what I’ve got before listing. :wink:

BTW, this is the belt this buckle set is on.