Understanding Navajo Pearls?

Hope picture works,
Not sure about bench made vs hand made.
Necklace on left is 16" long and 35 grams.
Necklace on right is 24" long and 145 grams.
No hallmarks I can find.
Didn’t even think one on right was real since it was so heavy, But it tests as sterling.
Thanks again.


Are you asking if these are handmade or bench, I see these as both being handmade.


bench/hand made from sterling sheet videos




Thanks for those videos, everyone seems to have their own way of making beads - I solder mine a bit differently. Beads are one of my favorite things to make, {almost} instant gratification. Penny & Mercury dime beads are the best. If anyone wants a good book, a primer really on making beads - Pauline Warg has a good book, plus it’s quite old at this point so it’s probably cheaper than any new book.


Thank you all. Videos were fascinating. So bench and handmade means the same thing?
I guess that my heavy necklace they just used thicker sheet of silver?
I am used to finding objects, not jewelry, that are cement weighted sterling and the heavyness of the necklace threw me off as most necklaces I see are lighter weight like the one on the left.

I don’t suppose there is any way to identify the artisans?

i *think bench means made from pre-made halves that a maker solders and finishes, and they usually have a pronounced seam at the equator. handmade means handmade from start to finish and are much more valuable because of it. unless the beads are signed or have a tag, or have some very distinctive style element or provenance from the maker, i would assume it can be difficult to ID a maker.