Unique Art Acoya Set, Thoughts & any info on artist,etc

Very unique set, by Art AA, Art Acoya. I have the Belt, same design bit larger. Part of inlay raised. Was told this could be a one of a kind, a way of the artist showing his ability? I figured it’s a set. Never seen another like it, so I aquired them. Would love to know more on inlay stones, value,etc. Anything on Mr. Acoya as well, little about him online.


Thanks for sharing, definitely an interesting piece. I couldn’t find much either when I did a search on the internet. I found the AA hallmark attributed to an Art Acoya (Zuni) in Hougart’s book. I am not familiar with that last name and asked a few Zuni friends if they were, and they weren’t. Also, in Hougart’s book it says traditional cluster work, which this definitely is not. I think maybe we are looking for a different name (which i don’t know) that would probably give us a lot more information on value and artist.

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Thanks for taking the time. The Belt Buckle is also quite interesting, matching. The hallmark on both is AA. 2nd A being bit off. As far as I know ( I was assuming they r all his ), own a ring of his, bought wife small set earrings also Arts work, 2nd A bit off set. None of Arts work however looks like this set. One corn cob inlay bolo was close, very colorful. I will get a shot of the buckle. Thanks again, was hoping someone would at least find it unique like I did.

Love love love It! BUT alas!..I have no idea who it would be made by…I am definitely standing by to learn about them…Thanks for sharing😸