Unique Belt Buckle looking to identify origination and value for insurance

My parents use to have indian jewelry shows in our home in the 70’s. The buyer would trade cars and motorhomes for the pieces.

The is a couple of items that I own.



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That is an interesting buckle. it is a Zuni piece and the background is tortoise shell which was banned in the early 1970s. I think of Elliot Qualo when I see that buckle, but I have never seen a piece where he uses a kachina and raised above the background. It is also interesting the inlay marking on the backside. If you could identify the maker you might be able to get a premium, like it is I would think around $1000 - $1200. The bracelet is Navajo from the same time period, $225 - $300. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you very much.

We also have some more interesting unique pieces. My wife has a Squash Blossom necklace that has fish like inserts instead of horns.