Unknown artist - hallmarks

Hi to all!

Been enjoying all of the info that can be found on here.
I have a few pieces which I’d like to try and find out (if possible) about & who they were made by - hope you can help!

Found this at:

It is about 1/3 down the page as #21 on the right column of “unidentified”

Thank you TTL - had seen that and hoped that someone might recognise the style of work.
I also have a lovely link braclet by the same artist, it’s a shame not to know who created them.

On a side note - just to throw it out there! - Would people agree that the other bracelet ‘looks’ Navajo as the black under the underlay isn’t textured?

Thank you again for your input!

Other hallmark - possibly L N J. Leroy Navajohn’s hallmark is a conjoined NJ according to Wright but maybe somoene knows if he has changed it at some point.

Thank you again TTL - I’ve never heard of this artist before but I see that the name you give matches the image.

Is that the correct spelling of his name as I’ve searched for examples and can’t find any?

Also is there a time period noted for when he was actively making pieces?

Very much appreciate your input and knowledge! :+1:t3:

P 122 in Barton Wright. Doesn’t say anything about type of work or when. Hougart has even less information and no illustration of a hallmark. My knowledge comes from these 2 books and http://art-amerindien.com/signature_picto-hallmarks.htm - I’ve just gotten interested this year.

Thanks again for your interest and help TTL

heres a couple more on here Jason too - thanks again.