Unmarked, Unsigned, Untested & Understated Workmanship on this bracelet

1st my apologies for the indoor flash photos but truth be told there really is not too much meat on the bone with this piece.

A total of 6 file marks cut into the 2 braces and the bezel work complete the minimalist style of this bracelet.

The rise on the dome center of the stone is about 3/8" by eye without my calipers nearby

Not too much for a newbie to go on and I would be grateful for any comments & contributions to get a better handle on origin and value.

Better daylight photos of the stone can be added if needed and thank you for taking the time to have a look. Source is a recent storage room auction haul flip


Interesting piece. Seems to have some age. A close-up of stone would be good.

That stone looks like a globe.

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Macro & Micro photography and depth of field are constantly at war with each other. Depth of field on an orb you tend to loose a few digits of sanity in the editing process when the sweet spot zeros in on a small percentage of the entire view.

hopefully the shots below give you the perspective you request



and thats as good as it gets 1300 miles from my base where all my good photo stuff rests.
thanks again for your interest


The stone looks to be stabilized Boulder Turquoise. Before treatment the brown stone would of been a lighter color. Could be Kingman or some other sky blue brown matrix Turquoises. Neat piece.


Thanks again for your follow up on this piece.

and the last micro shot appeared to capture waves and sea foam in the surf on the coastline :sunglasses:


The piece is Navajo 1970s style and the stone is a piece of Persian Turquoise. Looks like it hasn’t been worn in some time. Has a very classic look.


Thank you Jason for the info. Acid test when I get back up north.

That is interesting turquoise… i think it might be Gilbert see photo of a similar cuff i purchased some years ago. The seller was a good authority, but i feel that there is another possibl!e attribution: Halley’s Comet.
Gilbert tends to be a bit warmer and glossy.