Unsure of signature T. WEEBOTHEE, inlay ring looks vintage (pics)

There are many (and great) Weebothee Zuni jewelry makers. I have found an inlaid ring I’d like to buy if authentic.
( I did buy it, couldn’t pass it up) Signed in capital letters T. WEEBOTHEE. I can’t find any other info on this one. Any one know of this person? Thank you, Jim— Now I have found another ring almost identical and signed the same T. WEEBOTHEE. Anybody know of T. WEEBOTHEE?

More than likely Taft Weebothee active since the 70’s. Member of the Crane clan, resident of Zuni Pueblo NM. DOB 1955.

Thank you so much for replying SevernSound. Everything seems to fit, I suspected the fine tight work as Zuni, Taft is the only T. I’ve heard of and the ring looks like a circa 70’s piece. Taft must have had Mary and Lee as teachers. The Crane clan is where the Weebothee family come from? Sorry I am rambling but I just got my ring made by him today and just think it is exceptional and now with your info it seems to complete the full circle. Thank you again and thanks to this wonderful site. Jim

Taft is Mary & Lee’s son born in 1955. You don’t see a lot of his work around so I am not sure how active he is any more. I’m not sure if the Crane clan is on his mother’s or father’s side, or if the Zuni do it the way the Navajo do. Do an internet serch on him and see how much info you can get.

Very big thanks for your help. Was amazed how well Tafts work is, no wonder! Actually found a site online with him living in Albuquerque where one could write to him, hope he answers. Would love to read about what he would have to say!