Value and guess on type of stone?

Hi there folks! I bought this pendant with the bail broken off and had the back remade. It did not have any marks or hallmarks on the back (and the back was replaced totally so it unfortunately looks new but it can be worn horizontally or vertically, so it’s functional ).

Thoughts on the type of turquoise (and here I’m presuming it is indeed turqoise)? What do you think it would be worth? Not looking to sell it but curious that hopefully it’s worth what I’ve put into it. :grin: An impulse buy!


Looks like it could be blue diamond turquoise. Nice size cab. Jason will know better than me, and can give you the value.

@markyboy57, thanks for weighing in. The matrix on this stone is kind of smoky and not the blacker, more solid color I’ve seen on other turquoise. I hadn’t heard of that type but you’re right, it does look like photos of Blue Diamond that I looked up.

Someone has suggested making it into a cuff due to its size , but I think I like it better as a pendant.

You might consider bisbee or Stormy Mountain as well. To me, the matrix looks more stormy mountain.

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