I just wanted to share this with all the members and see what they think.

Hi, just tried the link and it won’t let me in. What’s up? Tried typing it in and it said either it didn’t exist or it is private.

Same here, I got “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

I also tried the link, no luck!

Was this something derogatory about the site or about you? Is it something you can screenshot and post for the rest of us? Or is it really about vampires/Halloween?

I get the same message. Good to know we are all responding:wink:.

Well it took a bit of effort!! But this what I was trying to link to. I don’t expect everyone to take sides, just wondering if I am the only one???

Well at least now the rest of us know what is going on. I’m sorry that it ended up becoming an argument between the two of you.
As I’m positive you know, I also shop Goodwill and I’m sure we have bid against each other on more than one occasion. Many of my finds have ended up here after the purchase to confirm that I’m continuing to learn and am not making gross errors regarding guality and pricing.
I can understand that you are both frustrated and mad but I hope that there will be a way to resolve this that will satisfy each of you.

Well the pictures I posted of the Wolf Robe tie clip and cuff links were from Ebay, BUT I had already purchased them before I asked for opinions. Also, I am not a reseller, I buy for myself or for trade so I’ll let the sellers comment on what they think is ethical or not.


Personal opinion, not proper protocol. I also buy for my enjoyment in wearing. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t sell smaller items at some point because I have nicer pieces. But not likely… I enjoy researching and learning. I really appreciate this site and the benefit of you who are able to shed deeper light.


Edited since I can’t delete…

I use my own photos - and I love doing the research. I have now bought all the books recommended on this site by you guys, but there’s still much anecdotal info out there for the truly interested not in the books… just requires a little footwork and patience.

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