Variscite or Green Turquoise Rings?

Hi all! I am curious about two rings I recently purchased. I attempted to take pics outside with my phone camera. I am curious how to tell difference between Variscite vs green turquoise like Fix turquoise?
First ring was id’d as either turquoise or variscite, leaning towards the latter. It is signed CLAW.

Second ring was I’d (different seller) as turquoise. Back has Phoenix Bird stamp (Ortega Enterprises?)

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Whoops meant Fox turquoise not Fix turquoise… :flushed:
Just realized 1st pic of 2nd ring is out of focus. Here is a better one. This has both rings and a cuff that also has a green stone (turquoise).

Another view of both rings:

@Jason will probably know. I am guessing the ring with leaf (feather) is green turquoise.

Thank you, JW! Hoping for @Jason 's opinion, too :wink:.

I have read several back posts on variscite and general internet info on the subject. Have not seen a stone with the yellow circle like matrix anywhere else. Seems some sites use green turquoise (Damele?) and variscite terms interchangeably? I understand that the chemical composition is the true difference. Is there a somewhat reliable way to tell by sight? Is variscite generally a yellowish warm toned green vs a cool tealish green?

I appreciate hearing any and all opinions and any links to further info would be great!

Most likely you have turquoise. Like turquoise you have different mines that produce variscite and they have different looks.

I appreciate your time. Thanks! :blush:

That is a very broad question and there is no easy answer. Some mines put out both: Variscite and turquoise. It is, in some instances, referred to variquoise. I believe Jim Saunders owns the Damele mine now. According to him, Tony Cotner (former owner of Paiute mine, Damele mine, etc.) could tell the difference visually.
The variscite that I own (that came from the mine owners for validation purposes) tends to have a more ‘glassy’ look. Of course, it is dependent upon the final polish as well. Colors (very light green to a yellow) tend to dominate the pieces I have seen.
Also, in general, the variscite tends to have a more nodular look. As if there were layers built upon layers. If you have ever had a jaw breaker with different colors on the inside and if you lick through you start to see the underlying colors? Similar to birds eye, but more pronounced if that makes any sense.
Here is a great article on it:

I will try to post pics later.

Wow! Thank you for the link, Michael. I will look forward to seeing pictures when you have time. :wink:

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