Verify: Silver Pendant CORN PLANT with inlay signed "RB" - Ruth Ann Begay?

Hello, I did found out that Ruth Ann Begay uses the hallmark “RB”. But if I google her work it looks very different. Unfortunately I have no idea how old this pendant is since I inherited from my aunt. But I am sure there are other silversmith out there who uses the hallmark “RB” for their work.
Thanks for looking into it and coming back to me with some clues hopefully.


Well this sure is a CORNY piece of jewelry! Lol :corn: :grin:

I believe this is Richard Begay, I found similar examples:

As far as I can tell, Begay began making jewelry in the early 70’s, but sadly passed away in 2013. Some of Begay’s pieces are actually featured in the Smithsonian. As far as the age of the pendant, it is relatively modern. hope this was helpful to you! This is a great collector piece.

Happy Researching,


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Thank you so much!!! Wowo they almost look identical - I am pretty sure that is him!!!

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