Very Odd Bolo Tie... I've never seen anything like this. Anybody else?

I bought this from Goodwill in AZ. I usually collect antique Dine pieces and vintage Hopi pieces, not really that into bolos… but I’m a Stephen King fan and it reminded me of The Dark Tower so I snapped it up. It seems maybe custom made, I’ve never seen anything like it. Good turquoise, Goodwill said the king figure is gold plated and the gems are CZ. Looking closely I see a glimmer of red under the feet of the king figure so I’m not sure if there is another stone inside or what! Looks like the turquoise might be “eyes” and I think the bird is a roadrunner. The “19” I have no idea!
Marked “LMA” upside down, couldn’t find that maker.
It’s huge, the size of the palm of my hand which isn’t small :slight_smile: I wear a size 7 glove.
81 grams.
Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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the little golden guy with the crown is known as a “Billiken” and many variations turn up on an image search for "billiken with crown" << click <<


Here’s more on the history of the bolo tie and the Bennett clasp - Link


The Billiken rendered in this form in jewelry is associated with a branch of Masons called The Royal Order of Jesters. Could be a Masonic bolo. (Btw these aren’t regular Masons.)


WOW! Thank you all so much! I had a feeling somebody here would know about it :slight_smile:

The 19 could represent the Masonic Degree.
My late fiance was a 32 degree Mason.
This would have probably been a custom made piece.