Very old cuff possibly Ondelacy


Would anyone happen to know if this bracelet is an Ondelacy piece? I’ve had it a long time, it’s very old. There is an inscribed mark, maybe WO or AN or a snake, unsure. Would love to know the maker, age, turguoise mine and value. I’m new, sorry this info didn’t go through with the photos!
Thanks, Paula

It is a difficult question to answer. You are going to spend hours looking at this and comparing to hallmarked pieces to see if you can get same design elements. The two that stick out are the heavy triangle wires for the shank and the way that twisted wire surrounds the three stones on the side. I found one similar they didn’t have a maker either.

I think circa 1940s would be reasonable and could likely be Lone Mountain Turquoise. Zuni artists liked this stone because they could get it in a pure blue, of course yours has changed color. These can be expensive pieces, especially if attributed to the right artist. I think $1200ish without knowing.

Thanks very much Jason, I appreciate your help. I have some other very old ones I’ll post later on.

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Hi Paula your bracelet is beautiful!

Thank you Tara. It’s one of my favorites.

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Paula, this is a fabulous bracelet!
I’m not a Zuni expert, but love exceptional pieces like this. Your bracelet reminds me of work by Alice Quam, daughter of Doris and Wayne Ondelacy. She was active in 1950s on and is known for large,
pear shaped, well polished stones, frequently using Sleeping Beauty. The Ondelacy hallmarks I’ve seen are stamped Initials, but as we all know there are exceptions. Wish I knew more…just enjoy it for the exquisite piece for what it is.

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