Very Unique Squash Blossom?

OOPS!!! How Do I Add Pics??
First time asking for help!!
I acquired this neckless and bracelet from my Fathers storage.
Found a extremely small makers mark, but can’t make it out on the bracelet,
hope it shows in pic.
Please tell me anything you can about this piece.
Thank you, Sandi

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I think the hallmark is Hebrew, so a fair guess is that this is from Israel. Without question unrelated to Native American jewelry.

Or could be Israeli made but sold through a retailer, like Silpada or something of that sort.

They are beautiful. Turquoise and coral?

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Yes and very chunky as you can see!!
Do you think this qualifies as a Squash Blossom?

It’s not a squash blossom. The defining feature of squash blossoms are the squash blossom beads, which are said to look like pomegranates:

Squash blossom necklaces are also a Native American style and to call it that implies that it is Native American, which this isn’t.


Thank you, I didn’t know about beads defining a squash!!

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You will find plenty of necklaces called “squash blossoms” that don’t have this feature, but technically that is incorrect. In my opinion to be called a squash blossom it should either have squash blossom beads or beads that are an obvious stand in for squash blossom beads.


Are you interested in selling?

Just FYI , the price tag on it says $4000.
I would be willing to sell at 1/2 that price, I believe it’s fairly old…