Victor Moses Begay? Cluster Ring

Hi! I recently discovered the wonders of turquoise and Native American silversmiths. I went to an estate sale in Millbrae, CA liquidating the personal collection of John Henry Bowers. His collection was massive and museum quality.

Anyhow, I picked up this ring. It’s stamped on the back “VM” but I believe it was “VMB” with a repair that’s obscuring the B. What do you think? Wishful thinking? The main reason I am optimistic is that one of this guy’s pottery pieces sold at auction for $40,000. So his stuff is legit. Any input is appreciated.

Very nice cluster ring. I always like that classic combination of turquoise and coral. This is cluster, but has a different look than a Victor Moses Begay look. However, even though it is not Victor Moses Begay it looks great on. Enjoy wearing this one.