Vintage 3 Stone Cuff

This cuff was described as 1950’s by the seller. It belonged to her 83 year old aunt. It is heavy at 81.34 grams and not flexible in the least. I have put a quarter in some of the pictures for size comparison.
There are no hallmarks but inside the band is etched 52 and three letters the first of which is L. The other two I’m not sure about. I received a note with the cuff and it mentioned the aunts name which started with an L. I’m wondering if the etching might be the year of purchase and the aunts initials. My questions about this piece are:

  1. Is the construction consistent with the 1950’s?
  2. can anyone help to identify the turquoise?
  3. an approximate value
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 056C8147-64B9-45FB-A272-4C533A145683 98205E43-5D6F-4BC2-800E-1E80544B19E0 93BE2DAD-22BB-466A-9EC8-05C4FE7D1B2A 27566AD1-2FB8-44C1-97E3-F69258308D9C 772EEBB1-84D1-46BE-8049-CB5206545605 0B725249-DD54-4843-8131-9C7876555348 1915559B-4695-41EC-A717-BA49ACC872D5 1A9C3F6C-5BCF-4B6D-A047-1BC358354230

Wow! I wonder if it is older than the 50’s but don’t know.

That’s really beautiful! Love those stones. Did you get it? Would love to see it on your wrist😍

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Yes it got here yesterday. Thanks for the compliment.`



Just gorgeous ! Thank you for posting. My favorite of the 3 stones is the one with the dark blue L-shape corner…looks like sea (which I know doesn’t make sense…)

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Kinda looks like Stormy Mountain to me. However, older turquoise is harder for me to identify. It seems like mines tend to go through phases. It makes sense as there is quite a bit of variability within a mine and as you move through the vein it would make sense that some of the characteristics change.

I always try to remember that people in say, New Mexico, in the 50’s and 60’s could not just jump on the web and order stones from Utah or AZ. They tended to use what was local and plentiful.

To me, it looks like it says “52 LEO”.

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Yes, I’ve noticed that the turquoise characteristics from the same mine seems to change from decade to decade. I have a Royston pendant from the 70’s that doesn’t much resemble what is being mined today. Also picked up a bolo last month that is stamped 1976 and I think the turquoise in it may be Royston also.


@Jason Will you please give me your opinion on these two pieces? The cuff in the original post and the bolo that’s in the comments. Thank you

I’m still hoping to get some information about this cuff if anyone can help. Thanks

The bracelet looks to have some age, but I don’t know about the 1950s. It can be difficult to have these big stones and set them on the curve of the cuff. The way the piece is constructed I think of this silversmith as learning. The turquoise is difficult because it has changed on the ends. However, we think of this rock being American because of the age and although it doesn’t have that classic look the color hints to Bisbee.

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@Jason Thank you. I was wondering about Bisbee but with the color in the end stones wasn’t sure. The woman that purchased it originally is in her 80’s and stated that she bought it in the 50’s…you never know. When I saw the 52 etched inside I thought that might be the case. Without an original receipt, just a memory or family story is often here say.

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